DarkJimmy's Mods - Make your own buttons

Well this is a guide i made when I couldn't get any Hack-a-Day buttons, so I set myself up to make my own. Things you will need:

-Any old button you have arround the house, or just get them cheap at a local store
-A nice logo you want on your button (eg: Hack-a-Day logo, just like these below)

OK, that's all. If you are printing some logos, fold a corner of it and pass your finger through it. If the ink gets off, you will need a colourless fixative like this one here:

This will stop the ink coming off it but make sure you use quite a lot of it, and make sure it does not get worn off by folding a corner and passing your finger through it.
Here is what you will have so far:

Then you can put some glue so the paper sticks to the metal. I used Some PVP glue, but it's yellow. Any reason for this?

Ok, here is the finished button, ready to use!

I made several of them, they look way cool on my bag.

Well here's one I made for Javax, but as he didn't want it, I put it on my bag:

See? Possibilities are infinite! keep designing butons!!!

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